Bharatanatyam Dancer

August-September 2020 EditionSattriya Dancer

Prerona Bhuyan

Prerona Bhuyan was introduced into the world of dance by my mother at an early age, she gave her first

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Bharatnatyam DancerMay-June 2020 Edition

Satyajit Debnath

Satyajit started his Bharatanatyam lessons under his mother Tulsi Debnath at the age of three years at Agartala. He completed

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Bharatnatyam DancerCover ArtistFebruary 2020 Edition

Navyashree K Nagendra

Dance is a universal medium of creative expression”, believes Navyashree K Nagendra who hails from a traditional and culturally inspired

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Bharatnatyam DancerDecember 2019 EditionKuchipudi Dancer

Kshithija Kasaravalli

Kshithija Kasaravalli is a Bharatanritya and Kuchipudi Performer and Choreographer and Artistic Director of Nritya Kshithi School of Dance.

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Bharatnatyam DancerChoreographerOctober 2019 Edition

Vid. Geeta Sirisha

Vid. Geeta Sirisha is a Bharatanatyam performer, choreographer, nattuvanar, teacher, art enthusiast, and an ardent art-lover. Geeta’s tryst with Bharatanatyam

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Bharatnatyam DancerMay 2019 Edition

Sri Hari Padman

Sri Hari Padman started his initial training in Bharatanatyam under his parents Padmanabha Pillai and Vasanta and then under his

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Bharatnatyam DancerFebruary 2019 Edition

Archana and Chetana

Twin Bharatanatyam dancers Archana and Chetana, had their upbringing at SOS children’s village Bangalore, a social service organization dedicated to

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Bharatnatyam DancerClassical DancerDancersDecember 2018 EditionOdissi Dancer


An accomplished Odissi dancer, Thulasinathan is the first Malaysian Indian who was selected by India, ICCR New Delhi to pursue

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Bharatnatyam DancerClassical DancerDecember 2018 Edition

Cheshta Jaitely

Cheshta Jaitely is a Delhi based Bharatanatyam dancer. Having done her Masters in Chemistry from VIT University, she is now

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August 2019 EditionBharatnatyam DancerClassical DancerCover ArtistCurrent EditionDecember 2018 Edition

Mekhala Bharadwaj

Mekhala Bharadwaj was born in Rudrapatna, Hassan district to Smt. Rathnamala and Sri Raghavan. Now pursuing classical dance as a

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