Kuchipudi Dancer

Bharatnatyam DancerClassical DancerKuchipudi DancerOctober-November 2020 Edition

Anuradha Hegde

Anuradha was born into a typical South Indian family that hails from Sirsi, Karnataka. Excelling at academics and arts came

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August-September 2020 EditionKuchipudi Dancer

Dr. Haleem Khan

Dancing is Haleem Khan’s passion. It is also a language that he speaks best as an artist. To him, art

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Bharatnatyam DancerDecember 2019 EditionKuchipudi Dancer

Kshithija Kasaravalli

Kshithija Kasaravalli is a Bharatanritya and Kuchipudi Performer and Choreographer and Artistic Director of Nritya Kshithi School of Dance.

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June 2019 EditionKuchipudi Dancer

Rekha Satish

Rekha Satish is a versatile Kuchipudi artist of this generation. She is a Performer, Teacher, Choreographer, and Yoga Practitioner, having

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