Vishal Sharma

Dear readers,
Welcome to the combined May and June edition of Indian Talent Magazine.
We apologize for the slight delay in bringing this edition online. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, our entire staff is working from home and despite the lockdown being eased off, we have planned to keep publishing remotely till a safe vaccine for the virus is not discovered.
Due to the lockdown, our finances have also taken a hit and it has been causing us financial issues that are affecting the smooth running of our magazine.
In the absence of good internet connections available to our entire team, it was pretty tough to compile this edition, which delayed its publication slightly.
However, in keeping with our promise, we have brought out the May-June edition in the first week of June itself, which is quite an achievement for our team, considering the extreme conditions.
In this tough time, it is a humble request to our readers to help us keep our business model intact by subscribing to the electronic copies of the magazine for a very low annual subscription price. This cash inflow, however minor, will keep funding our server expenses as well as afford internet connectivity for our staff which will enable us to keep publishing the magazine in the future too.
Indian Talent Magazine’s Face of the Month this June is Poonam Sharma, a Kathak dancer trained in Lucknow Gharana who has been getting professional training for the last 8 years.
Till we meet again,
Stay Home, Stay Safe.

Vishal Sharma