August-September 2020 Edition

August-September 2020 EditionCover ArtistVocalist

Swarnali Banerjee

Swarnali is the only child of her parents Biswajit Banerjee and Sumita Banerjee. She hails from a small village Purba

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August-September 2020 EditionClassical Dancer

Gomathi Manoj

Gomathi Manoj is a professional performing artiste, dance teacher & Artistic Director of her school – Soundarya Natya Kalalaya, based

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August-September 2020 EditionKathak Dancer

Ipsa Narula

Kathak trainee Ipsa Narula is a ministry scholarship holder and represents the Jaipur Gharana of Kathak. A promising artist of

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August-September 2020 EditionCanvas ArtistSculptor

Sindhu Ratheesh

Drawn to art from a very young age, artist and sculptor Sindhu Ratheesh strives to push boundaries and create something

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August-September 2020 EditionInstrumentalists Duo

Sachin & Palak Jain

Sachin and Palak Jain, a Mumbai based father-daughter duo, has been making headlines all over the country since they were

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ActorAugust-September 2020 EditionOdissi DancerSinger \ SongwriterWarli Artist

Anushree Padmanabha

Anushree is a singer, Odissi dancer, Warli artist and an actor. She was 8 years old when her parents enrolled

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August-September 2020 EditionSattriya Dancer

Prerona Bhuyan

Prerona Bhuyan was introduced into the world of dance by my mother at an early age, she gave her first

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August-September 2020 EditionCarnatic Vocalist

Vivek Sadasivam

Vivek Sadasivam is a Carnatic singer, hailing from the direct Shishyaparampara of the Saint composer Nadajyothi Muthuswamy Dikshitar. His initial

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August-September 2020 EditionBharatnatyam Dancer

Shekar Rajendran

Shekar Rajendran has created a niche in the dance field that manifests our traditional, spiritual, cultural and classical aspect of

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August-September 2020 EditionKuchipudi Dancer

Dr. Haleem Khan

Dancing is Haleem Khan’s passion. It is also a language that he speaks best as an artist. To him, art

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