December 2019 Edition

December 2019 EditionInstrumentalistMusician

Reuben Machado

For Reuben, music came to him from his dad, Richard Machado, who is also a musician. The first instrument on which Reuben started off was the harmonica

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December 2019 EditionPlayback SingerVocalist

Sandipa Dutta

Sandipa Dutta comes from a musical family where her mom is a singer. She got her classical training from a disciple of Girija Devi.

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Canvas ArtistDecember 2019 EditionShadow Artist

Sana Anil Kumar

Sana Anil Kumar is from Karimnagar District in Telangana. He started arts in his childhood. He tried a lot of

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ChefDecember 2019 EditionOdissi Dancer

Saloni Panda

Saloni Panda is a BBA graduate, an Odissi dancer by passion and a Home Cook, Food Critic and Social media influencer by interest.

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Carnatic SingerClassical SingerDecember 2019 Edition

Arun Sivaram

Arun Sivaram started learning Karnatic Music at the age of 4 as a disciple of Sri Skandan Master, Wayanad. His debut concert was at Maroyamman Kovil Temple,

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Bharatnatyam DancerDecember 2019 EditionKuchipudi Dancer

Kshithija Kasaravalli

Kshithija Kasaravalli is a Bharatanritya and Kuchipudi Performer and Choreographer and Artistic Director of Nritya Kshithi School of Dance.

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Canvas ArtistDecember 2019 Edition

Soumya Vadakkayil

Born and bought up in Kerala, Soumya Vadakkayil moved to Bangalore after completion of her Senior Secondary education and did a Diploma

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December 2019 Edition

‘Gondwana’ Art by Adani Group

The Gonds from Gondwana in Madhya Pradesh and the Warlpiri people from Australia share a subconscious connection rooted in the

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December 2019 EditionVocalist

CK Pavandeep

CK Pavandeep was initiated listening to great masters at home from his mother and later he started learning from Vidushi

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December 2019 EditionKathak Dancer

Kabir Khatri

Kabir Khatri, the son of Ghanshyam Das Khatri and Devi Khatri, was born in Raipur, Chhatisgarh, in 1983, which is

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