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Cover ArtistCurrent EditionOdissi DancerSeptember-October 2021 Edition

Ekankita Agrawalla

For Odissi dancer Ekankita Agrawalla, dancing is like oxygen. It sets her free. About 24 yrs ago, Ekankita got into

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Cover ArtistInstrumentalistMridangistOctober-November 2020 Edition

Ulsoor N Sagar

Ulsoor N Sagar is a 23-year-old Mridangist from Bangalore. His father Nagaraj Shanmukha is a former general manager and currently

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August-September 2020 EditionCover ArtistVocalist

Swarnali Banerjee

Swarnali is the only child of her parents Biswajit Banerjee and Sumita Banerjee. She hails from a small village Purba

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Cover ArtistKathak DancerMay-June 2020 Edition

Poonam Sharma

Born and brought up in Delhi, Poonam Sharma is a Kathak dancer trained in Lucknow Gharana and has been getting

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April 2020 EditionCover ArtistKathak Dancer

Hemant Devara

Coming from Pushkar, Rajasthan Hemant Devara hails from a prestigious lineage of classical & folk artists including singers, dancers, and

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Bharatnatyam DancerCover ArtistFebruary 2020 Edition

Navyashree K Nagendra

Dance is a universal medium of creative expression”, believes Navyashree K Nagendra who hails from a traditional and culturally inspired

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August 2019 EditionBharatnatyam DancerClassical DancerCover ArtistCurrent EditionDecember 2018 Edition

Mekhala Bharadwaj

Mekhala Bharadwaj was born in Rudrapatna, Hassan district to Smt. Rathnamala and Sri Raghavan. Now pursuing classical dance as a

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August 2019 EditionCover ArtistCurrent EditionInstrumentalistNovember 2018 Edition

Adamya Ramanand

Adamya was born into a family of musicians and music lovers, his grandfather being a well known Mridangam artist in

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August 2019 EditionCover ArtistCurrent EditionKathak DancerOctober 2018 Edition

Svetlana Tulasi

Svetlana Tulasi is an Indo-Russian Kathak dancer known for her stunning expressions and impeccable grace. Being a trained Kathak dancer

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August 2019 EditionBharatnatyam DancerClassical DancerCover ArtistCurrent EditionSeptember 2018 Edition

Ramya Shankaran

Ramya Shankaran stepped in as a young, bubbly and playful four-year-old kid to learn and got inspired by this traditional

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