Carnatic Vocalist

August-September 2020 EditionCarnatic Vocalist

Vivek Sadasivam

Vivek Sadasivam is a Carnatic singer, hailing from the direct Shishyaparampara of the Saint composer Nadajyothi Muthuswamy Dikshitar. His initial

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Carnatic VocalistOctober 2019 Edition

Vidwan Abhishek N S

Vidwan Abhishek N S is a blessed Carnatic singer with a soulful voice and strong aesthetics in his singing technique.

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Carnatic VocalistJune 2019 Edition

Vidushi Krithika Sreenivasan

Vidushi Krithika Sreenivasan is a former Technical Analyst at Infosys, Bengaluru with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. She currently

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