October 2018 Edition

Bharatnatyam DancerOctober 2018 Edition

Season Unnikrishnan

A young Bharatanatyam dancer with the determination to excel in pursuing a challenging career that not only serves to preserve

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BandOctober 2018 Edition

TriTaal Band

TriTaal covers all flavours of Bollywood and Tollywood songs, they are mainly focused on old Hindi and Bangla songs, which

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Music SchoolOctober 2018 Edition


Since its inception in 2012, Sangam has come a long way as a group of young musicians seeking to bridge

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Classical DancerOctober 2018 Edition

Dr. Sujaritha Sundara Rajan

Dr. Sujaritha Sundara Rajan is the daughter of Sundara Rajan and Janakavalli. She has a sibling Supraja S, who is

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August 2019 EditionCover ArtistCurrent EditionKathak DancerOctober 2018 Edition

Svetlana Tulasi

Svetlana Tulasi is an Indo-Russian Kathak dancer known for her stunning expressions and impeccable grace. Being a trained Kathak dancer

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October 2018 EditionVocalists

Kanchana Sisters

Kanchana Sisters (also known as “Kanchana Ranjani Sisters”) – Vid. Kanchana S. Shriranjani and Vid. Kanchana S. Shruthiranjani are among

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Canvas ArtistOctober 2018 Edition

Jayant Gupta

Jayant Gupta is a contemporary visual artist working in Jaipur, India. He was born to a middle-class family in a

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October 2018 EditionSculptor

Sangam Vankhade

Sangam Vankhede is from a small village in Halol Taluka in Panchmahal, Gujarat. He has done his Bachelors and Masters

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October 2018 EditionSculptor

Sunaina Bhalla

Sunaina Bhalla is an acclaimed contemporary artist of Indian origin. She lives and works in Singapore. After completing her Education

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August 2019 EditionCurrent EditionOctober 2018 EditionVocalists

Abhishek Rao Kordcal

Born into a doctors’ family, Abhishek is a 3rd generation doctor with his father Dr. Srinivas Rao Kordcal and his

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