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December 2019 EditionPlayback SingerVocalist

Sandipa Dutta

Sandipa Dutta comes from a musical family where her mom is a singer. She got her classical training from a disciple of Girija Devi.

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Janury 2019 EditionPerformerSinger \ SongwriterVocalistVocalists

Jasdil Singh

Jasdil Singh is a Delhi based versatile singer, with over 6 years of experience on Live and Studio sessions, and

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August 2019 EditionCurrent EditionOctober 2018 EditionVocalists

Abhishek Rao Kordcal

Born into a doctors’ family, Abhishek is a 3rd generation doctor with his father Dr. Srinivas Rao Kordcal and his

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August 2018 EditionVocalists

Anik Thakurta

“Music is something which heals our pain & leads us towards the perfection of life. It has no boundaries. Just

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