Cover ArtistInstrumentalistMridangistOctober-November 2020 Edition

Ulsoor N Sagar

Ulsoor N Sagar is a 23-year-old Mridangist from Bangalore. His father Nagaraj Shanmukha is a former general manager and currently

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InstrumentalistMusicianOctober-November 2020 Edition

Sahana S V

S V Sahana is one of the acclaimed Veena artists of the country today. Born into a family where music

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InstrumentalistMay-June 2020 EditionViolinist

Gulzar Hussain

Born in a reputed musical family from ‘Pink City’ Jaipur in 1981, young violinist Gulzar Hussain is the son of

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Classical SingerInstrumentalistMay-June 2020 Edition

Himali Panwala

The simplest way Himali would describe herself would be – an art lover. Immensely fond of music, Himali started her

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April 2020 EditionInstrumentalistVocalist

Keerthi Srinivasan Shanmugam

Keerthi Srinivasan Shanmugam was born and raised from Bangalore. After completing Engineering in Electronics and communication, he decided to venture

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April 2020 EditionInstrumentalist

Azeem Ahmed Alvi

Born into the sixth generation of a family of classical Indian music, at the age of 6, Azeem Ahmed Alvi

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February 2020 EditionInstrumentalist

Vishal Mishra

Vishal Mishra is a young talented Sitar player belonging to the Banaras Gharana, which is considered a heritage of Indian

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Classical SingerFebruary 2020 EditionInstrumentalistMusician

Khan Brothers

The Khan Brothers Ameen Khan (b. 1995) and Mohd. Saqib Khan (b. 1999) belongs to the renowned musician lineage (Kairana

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December 2019 EditionInstrumentalistMusician

Reuben Machado

For Reuben, music came to him from his dad, Richard Machado, who is also a musician. The first instrument on which Reuben started off was the harmonica

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InstrumentalistNovember 2019 Edition

Yash Girish Lalka

Yash Lalka is a young guitarist from Mumbai. He started learning the guitar in 2011 and today, he is a

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