Classical Dancer

Bharatnatyam DancerClassical DancerOctober-November 2020 Edition

Darshini Manjunath

Guru Darshini Manjunath is the Founder-Director of Nritya Disha Trust (NDT), Bengaluru; an accomplished performer, teacher, choreographer, organizer, and a

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Bharatnatyam DancerClassical DancerKuchipudi DancerOctober-November 2020 Edition

Anuradha Hegde

Anuradha was born into a typical South Indian family that hails from Sirsi, Karnataka. Excelling at academics and arts came

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August-September 2020 EditionClassical Dancer

Gomathi Manoj

Gomathi Manoj is a professional performing artiste, dance teacher & Artistic Director of her school – Soundarya Natya Kalalaya, based

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August-September 2020 EditionContemporary Dancer

Ashwin Kumar

Ashwin Kumar is a dancer who was a wolf among the sheep and didn’t let anything or anyone break his

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Classical DancerMay-June 2020 Edition

Chitra Arvind

Chitra Arvind is the Artistic Director and Founder of Rhythmotion School of Classical and Contemporary dance, Bengaluru. An acclaimed artist

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Classical DancerFebruary 2020 EditionMusician

Ragashree Prasad

The towering influence of her renowned Musician father N S Prasad, an ace Musician more popularly known as Mandolin Prasad

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Classical DancerJune 2019 Edition

Borish Dutta

Borish Dutta was born to a culturally rich family in Guwahati. The three-year-old Borish Dutta was introduced to this great

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Classical DancerFebruary 2019 Edition

Malavika Nandan

Malavika Nandan is a 14-year-old classical and western dancer who has a keen passion to learn different forms of dance

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Classical DancerJanury 2019 Edition

Abhishek Poddar

Abhishek Poddar belongs to a middle-class family. His mother was a Kathak dancer who had to stop dancing after she

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Classical DancerDancersJanury 2019 EditionKathak Dancer

Ragini Nagar

Ragini Nagar is an Indian classical dancer (Kathak), practicing and performing for more than sixteen years now! She started dancing

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