Anoushka Mathur

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The KAM Sisters

Kriti & Anoushka Mathur of Agra, have a dream to make it big in the music world. Called as “The KAM SISTERS”, they make a perfect musical combination. With their own music channel on YouTube called “The KAM SISTERS”, the duo have grown up surrounded by music. Since childhood, they saw music in their house, with their grandmother Meena Mathur playing the tabla, and parents Anurag and Purnima Mathur’s immense interest in music with a priceless collection of more than 10,000 tastefully chosen songs. The sisters are extremely devoted to their passion, and never miss their “Riyaaz” (practice) every day. Kriti (19), a student of B.Com (Hons) at Dayalbagh Educational Institute Agra, got interested in the acoustic guitar at 14 and was trained by Harish Gurnani. She idolizes Eric Clapton, Prince, Sonu Nigam and Arijit Singh.

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