2 thoughts on “Mustafa Khetty

  • Hi Indian Talent Team, Thank you for the heart warming review. The word ‘genius’ is way too generous. It is reserved for very few and it is way out of reach and I certainly am not in this selective club. As a multi cultural background, classical Indian music is in the veins, naturally with Indian roots in my heritage. Best wishes – Mustafa Khetty

  • Hi Team, You review is highly appreciated and heart-warming. However, I do have a request. The word ‘genius’ is for a select few and I am not in that club. I am humbled by the reviewers overall enthusiasm and it is a pleasant surprise to read from a magazine that is based in India, where my roots have a DNA. My early years were influenced by Indian classical music, an art form that is complex and highly accomplished with Master instrumentalists that mesmerise the audience with their superhuman dexterity. In the 90’s, I learned Tabla until my teacher informed me of his Master’s genius. I quit. It is difficult to tap two different time signatures with two hands, but to do so with two feet as well, each one tapping one distinct time signature. That’s insane! Best wishes – Mustafa Khetty

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