Bipinchandra Rameshbhai Patel

I am very happy that my article came out in Indian Talent and I am very thankful for all the hard work of India that supports this magazine. Among all those important people in India today, my name is in the pages of the magazine. What more happiness could there be in my life???

This magazine is constantly striving for every talented person in our country to review their performance and then provide them with a platform. My art gave them a reputation today throughout the whole country. From my constant hard work, I have been living with my art. Every minute I find new ideas of color, brush, and canvas, and ideas to innovate today. Thank you very much

Bipinchandra Rameshbhai Patel

Vishal Sharma

Vishal Sharma is a bilingual Journalist for the past 21 years and has won the NCIC Award for Exemplary Journalism. He has worked for and contributed content to a number of English and Hindi daily newspapers as well as magazines, which include The Pioneer, Indian Express, Business Standard, India Today, and Indo American Times.