May-June 2020 EditionPhotographer

Rahul Naag

Rahul Naag is one of the most sought after photographers in Delhi especially in the field of performing arts. A

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April 2020 EditionPhotographer

Jayesh Dilipsing Rajput

Jayesh Dilipsing Rajput is a passionate mobile photographer. Photography has been a hobby for him for three years. He likes

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July 2019 EditionPhotographer

Deepak Rajendra

Deepak Rajendra was born and brought up in Bangalore. By profession, he is a Mechanical Engineer working for a Private

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February 2019 EditionPhotographer

Om Sharma

Born in Delhi and brought up in Agra by his maternal family, Om Sharma (19) has become a renowned name

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Janury 2019 EditionPhotographer

Sanjit Debroy

   A passionate photographer and a software industry leader – Sanjit has been fascinated by photography since adolescence. Watching his

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PhotographerSeptember 2018 Edition

Vishnumurthy Manjittaya

Vishnumurthy Manjittaya is studying Vedik. By passion, Vishnumurthy is a photographer who got inspired by Gurudath Kamath. Vishnumurthy has 3

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April 2018 EditionPhotographer

Ayush Solanki

Ayush Solanki is young photographer based in Lucknow, India, who captures and freezes great moments from streets and nature. He

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March 2018 EditionPhotographer

Sunny Kabbinada

Sunny Kabbinada was born in Davangere on December 13, 1987. A respectful son of a middle-class family, he eventually went

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January 2018 EditionPhotographer

Kushmendra Sharma

Rhythm is an essential source of Life we cannot imagine our lives without Rhythm. Kushmendra Sharma is a known name

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December 2017 EditionPhotographer

Aman Mathur

Deviating from the norm is a characteristic feature of Aman Mathur, A young partner at the production company “Stroboscope productions”.

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